What is a Divorce Coach? 3 Questions to Ask when You Are Deciding if a Divorce Coach is Right for You

Navigating a complicated divorce on your own is nearly impossible, but regularly seeking the advice of a trusted attorney can become quite expensive. For those who need an objective opinion and guidance, is there another expert that you can refer to for more trivial matters?

What Are Divorce Interrogatories?

Dealing with the legal aspects of divorce can be convoluted, time-consuming, and frustrating. Therefore, it can seem overwhelming. The attorneys on both sides want to start with as much information as possible. You can hire divorce attorneys to gather and exchange this information.

Divorcing a Disabled Spouse: 3 Things You Should Consider First

When your spouse has a disability of any type, it adds an additional layer of stress to your divorce. Now this already emotionally tumultuous time is filled with extra responsibilities and concerns that must be addressed before your divorce can be finalized.

Three Reasons that a Sexless Marriage Causes Divorce

Sexless marriage is more common than people think. It is a silent marriage killer; it starts out as a slow burn, then explodes at the end of a marriage. Are you trapped in a sexless marriage, are you considering divorce because of it, or have you already filed for divorce? If so, you are not alone.

The Top 15 Divorce Jokes

Some people believe that laughter is the best medicine. When dealing with a divorce, you might need a good laugh more than anything. Whether you are planning a divorce party with friends or if looking for something to cheer yourself up, reading something funny can be the perfect remedy.