Dallas Divorce Lawyer

How to Hire the Best Divorce Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Getting the Big D in the Big D

Hiring an attorney is one of the most critical portions of your divorce process. You need to learn how to efficiently, effectively manage a business relationship with your divorce attorney. Ultimately, your Dallas divorce attorney is going to be one of the professionals responsible for assisting you in securing a financially stable future for yourself—apart from your spouse.

How do you go about finding the best divorce lawyers in Dallas, Texas?

When it comes to a Dallas divorce, there are a few general guidelines to help you get started on the path to a successful split from your spouse.

Here are three key guidelines to keep in mind before you commit to any of the divorce attorneys in Dallas.

1) Investigate your attorney’s background.

When you begin to interview any potential divorce lawyers in Dallas, you need to be aware of what kind of work they typically do.

Ask specific questions about their areas of specialty. You should be looking for someone who solely specializes in family or divorce law. Having an attorney who has multiple areas of specialty could be a sign that they are spread too thin. With a highly specific area of practice, your attorney should have the most detail about how to get you the best settlement.

Do not solely rely on what the lawyers in Dallas tell you during your initial meeting with them. To ensure that there is positive feedback out there about this specific attorney or firm, gather reviews and client testimonials. You can also ask around for advice from friends that have walked this road before you.

In addition, you can also check out online reviews. Lawyer-review sites are available, including Martindale, Avvo, and Thumbtack. You may even find helpful reviews on Dallas divorce blogs.

While a positive review of a Dallas divorce lawyer does not necessarily make them the proper attorney for your needs, overwhelmingly negative reviews do not bode well for the success of a potential business relationship.

2) Ask what types of services they offer.

If you have been considering doing a portion of the work on your own, you need to ask the Dallas attorneys you interview if they offer “unbundled” legal services. In these situations, a divorce lawyer in Texas can offer specific areas of service at a set fee. You may be able to just pay for what you need, including filing, legal advice, or mediation.

By opting for a Dallas divorce attorney that offers this type of service, you are gaining a degree of expertise for trickier situations. Divorces involving property division, child support, or custody agreements may require the assistance of a professional attorney to be properly completed.

However, if the services are unbundled, you’ll be allowed to only pay for services that you and your spouse feel are necessary. By performing some tasks independently, you can save a significant amount of money over the course of your divorce.

3) Inquire about relationships with other specialties.

Some divorces will require the assistance of other team members. You should ask any potential divorce lawyer in Texas whether they have experiences working with any Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in the area (or if they have any recommendations). Experience working with another professional could be a sign of good communication skills (a must-have in any divorce attorney).

If they encourage you to use them for everything (as opposed to hiring a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst in Dallas), it may be a sign that they struggle to cooperate with others. Unfortunately, many attorneys lack the expertise and sharper focus that a CDFA can bring to the table during your divorce.

Bringing in a CDFA to work alongside your Dallas divorce attorney can help you focus more on the long-term financial implications of potential settlement decisions.

Hiring the Proper Dallas Divorce Attorney

To ensure that you are choosing the right professional, remember that hiring any Dallas attorney requires a lot of work on your part. Interview multiple divorce attorneys if you do not feel that the first one you speak to is going to be the right fit for you. You should be able to maintain an easy, professional business relationship with your prospective attorney. Therefore, open communication and rapport are key.

Maintain an air of professionalism with any of the attorneys you interview. They are not interested in the emotional details of your divorce. Instead, come to your interviews prepared with information that is pertinent to potential settlement negotiations (and to the act of divorce itself).

If you need to, be open to expanding your team beyond the assistance of an attorney. Other trades can be far more specialized. They can also help you make better decisions, which can give your financial future a brighter outlook.

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