Coaching Testimonials

“Whether you are on the path to divorce, or seeing the inestimable or like me - in the avalanche of if - Shawn helped me protect myself and even catch a lot of things I would have missed. It helped me turn the corner - the resources and worksheets are key - I could not get through these months without the advice here. In the worst time of your life, you have to protect your kids and your future. Shawn will help - so much.” - KC

"I really appreciate having a neutral person making sure I made the right decisions” - LD

"I feel like I have somebody on my side to help me through this." - PB

“Calm, practical advice definitely made a big difference to my case.” SS

"You are amazing! Very helpful and upbeat. I appreciate what you are offering.” AC

“If you want to get a good result for your divorce…Shawn is definitely a great place to start.” - SS

"I have been listening to your awesome podcasts. I really appreciate your smart advice!” JL

Show Testimonials

“Must-listen for anyone going through divorce.” - FL

“[Divorce and Your Money] should be mandatory listening!” - DL

"Great Show!” - JN

“Very helpful, revealing divorce facts, definitely a must-listen!” - MF

“This podcast is really helpful and informative for anyone going through divorce. I look forward to every new episode!” - CM

"I am enjoying your shows for a second time right now, and I am learning so much. Thanks!” - TK

“The best — not just financial — divorce podcast out there!” - LB

“The best divorce show out there.” LM

"I have been listening to your awesome podcasts. I really appreciate your smart advice!!” JW

"I find your podcasts extremely helpful and have given me many insights.” - SH

"Thank you for your time and the extremely helpful podcast.” - SC

"LOVE your show - I wish I new about it earlier.” - AO